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Region 1112 Playoffs, June 3 - June 6

  PDF document AYSO Region 1112 Playoffs Rules (Last updated: June 1, 2021)


Playoffs schedule and rules might change unitil the day prior to the start of the playoffs. Make sure to check this page regulary. 

5/13/2021 Playoffs schedule posted.
6/1/2021 Play-off Sportsmanship Scoring page added to Playoffs Rules

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Playoffs Spring 2021

Pool A - 10U Boys
TeamCoachGames PlayedPointsWinsLossesTiesShutoutsGoals AllowedGoal Differential
10UB-3-03Andrew Best39300138
10UB-1-04Paul Cassidy3312016-1
10UB-4-07Randy Gass30030010-6
Pool B - 10U Boys
TeamCoachGames PlayedPointsWinsLossesTiesShutoutsGoals AllowedGoal Differential
10UB-1-12Ryan Post39300127
10UB-1-11Mike Meholensky31021011-5
10UB-1-13Aaron Rud31021011-6
Pool C - 10U Boys
TeamCoachGames PlayedPointsWinsLossesTiesShutoutsGoals AllowedGoal Differential
10UB-1-08Donnie Goddard37201055
10UB-6-14Andrew Turner37201062
10UB-1-02Nicole Aab3312009-1
Pool D - 10U Boys
TeamCoachGames PlayedPointsWinsLossesTiesShutoutsGoals AllowedGoal Differential
10UB-1-15Eric Ungs39300228
10UB-1-17Kelly Anderson362100112
10UB-1-05Jim Conklin31021010-4
10UB-6-06John Feltes31021015-6
Pool E - 10U Boys
TeamCoachGames PlayedPointsWinsLossesTiesShutoutsGoals AllowedGoal Differential
10UB-6-10Jimmy Jensen37201146
10UB-1-09Nic Jaeger36210183
10UB-3-16Quinn Arnold34111010-1
10UB-VIN-01Emily Sexton30030025-8
Date Time Field Home Team Coach Goals Away Team Coach Goals
Thu 06/03/2021Bye 10UB-3-03Andrew Best3ByeBye0
Thu 06/03/202105:30 PM2510UB-1-12Ryan Post210UB-1-04Paul Cassidy1
Thu 06/03/202105:30 PM2610UB-1-08Donnie Goddard410UB-1-11Mike Meholensky2
Thu 06/03/202105:30 PM2710UB-4-07Randy Gass210UB-6-14Andrew Turner3
Thu 06/03/202105:30 PM2810UB-1-09Nic Jaeger610UB-3-16Quinn Arnold1
Thu 06/03/202106:50 PM2510UB-1-15Eric Ungs210UB-1-05Jim Conklin0
Thu 06/03/202106:50 PM2610UB-6-06John Feltes210UB-1-17Kelly Anderson8
Thu 06/03/202106:50 PM2710UB-6-10Jimmy Jensen1510UB-VIN-01Emily Sexton0
Thu 06/03/202106:50 PM2810UB-1-13Aaron Rud110UB-1-02Nicole Aab4
Fri 06/04/202105:30 PM2810UB-1-05Jim Conklin310UB-6-06John Feltes3
Sat 06/05/202108:00 AM2510UB-3-03Andrew Best410UB-4-07Randy Gass2
Sat 06/05/202108:00 AM2610UB-1-12Ryan Post410UB-1-13Aaron Rud0
Sat 06/05/202109:20 AM2510UB-1-17Kelly Anderson210UB-1-15Eric Ungs6
Sat 06/05/202109:20 AM2610UB-1-02Nicole Aab110UB-1-08Donnie Goddard5
Sat 06/05/202109:20 AM2710UB-3-16Quinn Arnold310UB-6-10Jimmy Jensen3
Sat 06/05/202109:20 AM2810UB-VIN-01Emily Sexton010UB-1-09Nic Jaeger7
Sat 06/05/202101:20 PM2510UB-1-04Paul Cassidy110UB-3-03Andrew Best4
Sat 06/05/202101:20 PM2610UB-1-11Mike Meholensky110UB-1-12Ryan Post4
Sat 06/05/202101:20 PM2710UB-6-14Andrew Turner210UB-1-08Donnie Goddard2
Sat 06/05/202102:40 PM2510UB-1-15Eric Ungs410UB-6-06John Feltes0
Sat 06/05/202102:40 PM2610UB-1-05Jim Conklin310UB-1-17Kelly Anderson5
Sat 06/05/202102:40 PM2710UB-6-10Jimmy Jensen710UB-1-09Nic Jaeger1
Sat 06/05/202102:40 PM2810UB-VIN-01Emily Sexton110UB-3-16Quinn Arnold3
Sat 06/05/202106:40 PM2510UB-4-07Randy Gass010UB-1-04Paul Cassidy3
Sat 06/05/202106:40 PM2610UB-1-13Aaron Rud310UB-1-11Mike Meholensky3
Sat 06/05/202106:40 PM2710UB-1-02Nicole Aab210UB-6-14Andrew Turner3
   10UB Championship Finals:
Sun 06/06/202103:30 PM2510UB-1-12Ryan Post310UB-3-03Andrew Best4
   10UB 3rd Place Finals:
Sun 06/06/202103:30 PM2610UB-1-08Donnie Goddard410UB-6-14Andrew Turner0
   10UB Championship Finals:
Sun 06/06/202103:30 PM2710UB-1-15Eric Ungs310UB-6-10Jimmy Jensen2
   10UB 3rd Place Finals:
Sun 06/06/202103:30 PM2810UB-1-09Nic Jaeger110UB-1-17Kelly Anderson5
Team listed first ('Home Team') wears Jersey colorgreen jersey and Jersey colorgreen socks.
Other team ('Away Team') wears Jersey colorblue jersey and Jersey colorblack socks.