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Playoffs schedule has been posted!
(updated 5/13/2022 10:08 PM)

Teams in the 10U, 12U, 14U and U15 divisions will by playing playoffs games on
             Thursday June 2, Friday June 3, Saturday June 4 and Sunday June 5.
Each team is scheduled to play 3 pool games. These games have been added to the schedule.
The best ranked teams after pool play will advance to the finals. The finals will be played at 3:30 PM (boys) and 5:20 PM (girls) on Sunday June 6. Rules and other details are posted on the Playoffs page.


Download schedule to Excel spreadsheet

Spring 2022

Team Coach Phone Team Referee
12UB-1-1Jaclyn Hoke 319-899-6380
12UB-1-2Matt Mulnik 319-431-4851
12UB-1-3Natasha Murdock *573-280-2823
12UB-1-4Allen Diercks 319-631-3821
12UB-1-5James Conklin 319-329-8449
12UB-1-6Ryan McDonald 515-745-2737
12UB-1-7Katie Kascel 319-241-8722
12UB-1-8Jeff Farmer 319-654-4875
12UB-2-1Matthew Strouse 843-364-3077
12UB-2-2Andrew Turner 319-721-0628
12UB-2-3Ron Smith *319-929-1950
12UB-5-1Randall Gass *319-210-1573
12UB-5-2Jimmy Jensen 319-210-9000
12UB-6-1Nicole Aab *319-431-6743
12UB-AMNDani O'Brien *319-647-2334
12UB-CPU-1Jonathan Wylie 319-560-2576
12UB-CRAYSO CR *319-521-4500
12UB-MTV-1Richard Lewis *401-662-6336
RESERVED1AYSO CR *319-521-4500
RESERVED2AYSO CR *319-521-4500
Date Time Field Home Team Coach Away Team Coach
Sun 04/10/202201:30 PM512UB-CRAYSO CR12UB-AMNDani O'Brien
Sat 04/16/2022Kids ZoneKids Zone

Kids Zone Awareness Day
Sat 04/16/202210:00 AM312UB-1-2Matt Mulnik12UB-1-1Jaclyn Hoke
Sat 04/16/202210:00 AM412UB-1-5James Conklin12UB-1-7Katie Kascel
Sat 04/16/202210:00 AM512UB-2-2Andrew Turner12UB-6-1Nicole Aab
Sat 04/16/202212:00 PM312UB-1-6Ryan McDonald12UB-1-4Allen Diercks
Sat 04/16/202202:00 PM112UB-2-1Matthew Strouse12UB-5-2Jimmy Jensen
Sat 04/16/202202:00 PM312UB-1-8Jeff Farmer12UB-CPU-1Jonathan Wylie
Sat 04/16/202202:00 PM512UB-MTV-1Richard Lewis12UB-1-3Natasha Murdock
Sat 04/16/202204:00 PM312UB-5-1Randall Gass12UB-2-3Ron Smith
Sat 04/16/202205:30 PM512UB-CRAYSO CR12UB-AMNDani O'Brien
Sun 05/01/202201:30 PM512UB-CRAYSO CR12UB-AMNDani O'Brien
Thu 05/05/202206:00 PM212UB-5-2Jimmy Jensen12UB-1-3Natasha Murdock
Thu 05/05/202206:00 PM412UB-5-1Randall Gass12UB-6-1Nicole Aab
Thu 05/05/202206:00 PM512UB-MTV-1Richard Lewis12UB-2-2Andrew Turner
Fri 05/06/202206:00 PM112UB-1-6Ryan McDonald12UB-1-2Matt Mulnik
Fri 05/06/202206:00 PM212UB-1-8Jeff Farmer12UB-1-7Katie Kascel
Fri 05/06/202206:00 PM312UB-CPU-1Jonathan Wylie12UB-1-4Allen Diercks
Fri 05/06/202206:00 PM512UB-1-5James Conklin12UB-1-1Jaclyn Hoke
Sat 05/07/202208:00 AM312UB-1-4Allen Diercks12UB-1-7Katie Kascel
Sat 05/07/202208:00 AM512UB-6-1Nicole Aab12UB-5-2Jimmy Jensen
Sat 05/07/202210:00 AM312UB-1-6Ryan McDonald12UB-1-8Jeff Farmer
Sat 05/07/202210:00 AM512UB-1-3Natasha Murdock12UB-2-3Ron Smith
Sat 05/07/202212:00 PM112UB-2-2Andrew Turner12UB-5-1Randall Gass
Sat 05/07/202212:00 PM312UB-1-2Matt Mulnik12UB-1-5James Conklin
Sat 05/07/202202:00 PM112UB-MTV-1Richard Lewis12UB-2-1Matthew Strouse
Sat 05/07/202202:00 PM312UB-1-1Jaclyn Hoke12UB-CPU-1Jonathan Wylie
Sun 05/08/202201:30 PM512UB-CRAYSO CR12UB-AMNDani O'Brien
Tue 05/10/202206:00 PM312UB-1-7Katie Kascel12UB-1-1Jaclyn Hoke
Thu 05/12/202206:00 PM212UB-5-1Randall Gass12UB-MTV-1Richard Lewis
Thu 05/12/202206:00 PM312UB-2-3Ron Smith12UB-6-1Nicole Aab
Thu 05/12/202206:00 PM412UB-2-1Matthew Strouse12UB-1-3Natasha Murdock
Thu 05/12/202206:00 PM512UB-5-2Jimmy Jensen12UB-2-2Andrew Turner
Fri 05/13/202206:00 PM212UB-1-8Jeff Farmer12UB-1-4Allen Diercks
Fri 05/13/202206:00 PM312UB-1-5James Conklin12UB-1-6Ryan McDonald
Fri 05/13/202206:00 PM512UB-CPU-1Jonathan Wylie12UB-1-2Matt Mulnik
Sat 05/14/2022Kids ZoneKids Zone

Kids Zone Awareness Day
Sat 05/14/202208:00 AM212UB-5-1Randall Gass12UB-2-1Matthew Strouse
Sat 05/14/202208:00 AM312UB-1-6Ryan McDonald12UB-CPU-1Jonathan Wylie
Sat 05/14/202210:00 AM112UB-2-2Andrew Turner12UB-2-3Ron Smith
Sat 05/14/202210:00 AM312UB-MTV-1Richard Lewis12UB-5-2Jimmy Jensen
Sat 05/14/202212:00 PM112UB-1-1Jaclyn Hoke12UB-1-4Allen Diercks
Sat 05/14/202212:00 PM312UB-1-2Matt Mulnik12UB-1-7Katie Kascel
Sat 05/14/202202:00 PM112UB-6-1Nicole Aab12UB-1-3Natasha Murdock
Sat 05/14/202202:00 PM312UB-1-5James Conklin12UB-1-8Jeff Farmer
Sun 05/15/202201:30 PM3612UB-CRAYSO CR12UB-AMNDani O'Brien
Mon 05/16/202206:00 PM512UB-1-3Natasha Murdock12UB-2-2Andrew Turner
Tue 05/17/202206:00 PM112UB-2-3Ron Smith12UB-MTV-1Richard Lewis
Tue 05/17/202206:00 PM212UB-1-7Katie Kascel12UB-1-6Ryan McDonald
Tue 05/17/202206:00 PM312UB-6-1Nicole Aab12UB-2-1Matthew Strouse
Tue 05/17/202206:00 PM412UB-CPU-1Jonathan Wylie12UB-1-5James Conklin
Fri 05/20/202206:00 PM112UB-1-1Jaclyn Hoke12UB-1-8Jeff Farmer
Fri 05/20/202206:00 PM212UB-1-4Allen Diercks12UB-1-2Matt Mulnik
Fri 05/20/202206:00 PM512UB-5-2Jimmy Jensen12UB-5-1Randall Gass
Sat 05/21/202208:00 AM312UB-1-2Matt Mulnik12UB-6-1Nicole Aab
Sat 05/21/202208:00 AM512UB-2-2Andrew Turner12UB-1-1Jaclyn Hoke
Sat 05/21/202210:00 AM512UB-5-1Randall Gass12UB-1-7Katie Kascel
Sat 05/21/202212:00 PM112UB-MTV-1Richard Lewis12UB-CPU-1Jonathan Wylie
Sat 05/21/202212:00 PM312UB-1-5James Conklin12UB-2-3Ron Smith
Sat 05/21/202212:00 PM412UB-1-8Jeff Farmer12UB-1-3Natasha Murdock
Sat 05/21/202202:00 PM112UB-2-1Matthew Strouse12UB-1-4Allen Diercks
Sat 05/21/202202:00 PM412UB-1-6Ryan McDonald12UB-5-2Jimmy Jensen
Sun 05/22/202201:30 PM512UB-CRAYSO CR12UB-AMNDani O'Brien
Tue 05/24/202206:00 PM212UB-2-1Matthew Strouse12UB-2-3Ron Smith
Thu 06/02/2022Bye 12UB-2-1Matthew StrouseByeBye
Thu 06/02/202205:30 PM212UB-1-4Allen Diercks12UB-2-2Andrew Turner
Fri 06/03/202205:30 PM312UB-1-8Jeff Farmer12UB-1-4Allen Diercks
Fri 06/03/202205:30 PM412UB-2-2Andrew Turner12UB-1-5James Conklin
Fri 06/03/202205:30 PM512UB-2-3Ron Smith12UB-1-2Matt Mulnik
Fri 06/03/202206:50 PM212UB-6-1Nicole Aab12UB-1-6Ryan McDonald
Fri 06/03/202206:50 PM312UB-5-1Randall Gass12UB-1-1Jaclyn Hoke
Fri 06/03/202206:50 PM412UB-1-3Natasha Murdock12UB-1-7Katie Kascel
Fri 06/03/202206:50 PM512UB-5-2Jimmy Jensen12UB-MTV-1Richard Lewis
Sat 06/04/202210:40 AM112UB-1-1Jaclyn Hoke12UB-2-3Ron Smith
Sat 06/04/202210:40 AM212UB-1-2Matt Mulnik12UB-5-1Randall Gass
Sat 06/04/202210:40 AM312UB-1-6Ryan McDonald12UB-1-3Natasha Murdock
Sat 06/04/202210:40 AM512UB-1-7Katie Kascel12UB-6-1Nicole Aab
Sat 06/04/202212:00 PM112UB-2-1Matthew Strouse12UB-5-2Jimmy Jensen
Sat 06/04/202212:00 PM212UB-1-5James Conklin12UB-1-8Jeff Farmer
Sat 06/04/202212:00 PM312UB-MTV-1Richard Lewis12UB-2-2Andrew Turner
Sat 06/04/202204:00 PM112UB-2-3Ron Smith12UB-5-1Randall Gass
Sat 06/04/202204:00 PM212UB-1-2Matt Mulnik12UB-1-1Jaclyn Hoke
Sat 06/04/202204:00 PM312UB-1-3Natasha Murdock12UB-6-1Nicole Aab
Sat 06/04/202204:00 PM512UB-1-7Katie Kascel12UB-1-6Ryan McDonald
Sat 06/04/202205:20 PM112UB-1-8Jeff Farmer12UB-2-1Matthew Strouse
Sat 06/04/202205:20 PM212UB-1-5James Conklin12UB-5-2Jimmy Jensen
Sat 06/04/202205:20 PM312UB-MTV-1Richard Lewis12UB-1-4Allen Diercks
Sun 06/05/202203:30 PM212UB-MTV-1Richard Lewis12UB-2-3Ron Smith
Sun 06/05/202203:30 PM312UB-2-1Matthew Strouse12UB-1-3Natasha Murdock
Sun 06/05/202203:30 PM412UB-2-2Andrew Turner12UB-1-7Katie Kascel
Team listed first ('Home Team') wears Jersey colorgreen jersey and Jersey colorgreen socks.
Other team ('Away Team') wears Jersey colorblue jersey and Jersey colorblack socks.