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Playoffs schedule has been posted!
(updated 5/13/2022 10:08 PM)

Teams in the 10U, 12U, 14U and U15 divisions will by playing playoffs games on
             Thursday June 2, Friday June 3, Saturday June 4 and Sunday June 5.
Each team is scheduled to play 3 pool games. These games have been added to the schedule.
The best ranked teams after pool play will advance to the finals. The finals will be played at 3:30 PM (boys) and 5:20 PM (girls) on Sunday June 6. Rules and other details are posted on the Playoffs page.


Download schedule to Excel spreadsheet

Spring 2022

Team Coach Phone Team Referee
7UG-1-1Eric Ungs 563-599-8347
7UG-1-2Rachel McCrate 660-341-0653
7UG-1-3Doug Niedermann 641-485-7494
7UG-1-4Nicole Aab *319-431-6743
7UG-1-5Aaron Schmidt *515-573-0542
7UG-1-6Brianna Williams 563-880-8504
7UG-1-7Laura Bailey 319-213-8295
7UG-3-1Kristen Carpenter 319-491-2208
7UG-4-1Nathan Votroubek 319-551-4921
7UG-6-1Janice Phillips *501-593-1024
7UG-VINCyanna Boggess 702-812-2146
Date Time Field Home Team Coach Away Team Coach
Sat 04/16/2022Kids ZoneKids Zone

Kids Zone Awareness Day
Sat 04/16/202210:30 AM107UG-6-1Janice Phillips7UG-1-2Rachel McCrate
Sat 04/16/202210:30 AM127UG-3-1Kristen Carpenter7UG-1-7Laura Bailey
Sat 04/16/202212:00 PM107UG-1-3Doug Niedermann7UG-1-1Eric Ungs
Sat 04/16/202212:00 PM147UG-1-4Nicole Aab7UG-1-5Aaron Schmidt
Sat 04/16/202201:30 PM227UG-VINCyanna Boggess7UG-4-1Nathan Votroubek
Sat 04/16/202203:00 PM157UG-1-6Brianna Williams7UG-1-7Laura Bailey
Mon 05/02/202205:30 PM107UG-3-1Kristen Carpenter7UG-1-3Doug Niedermann
Thu 05/05/202205:30 PM107UG-1-3Doug Niedermann7UG-1-2Rachel McCrate
Thu 05/05/202205:30 PM227UG-6-1Janice Phillips7UG-4-1Nathan Votroubek
Fri 05/06/202205:30 PM237UG-1-4Nicole Aab7UG-1-1Eric Ungs
Sat 05/07/202209:00 AM107UG-VINCyanna Boggess7UG-6-1Janice Phillips
Sat 05/07/202210:30 AM107UG-1-3Doug Niedermann7UG-1-4Nicole Aab
Sat 05/07/202212:00 PM227UG-1-2Rachel McCrate7UG-1-5Aaron Schmidt
Sat 05/07/202201:30 PM107UG-4-1Nathan Votroubek7UG-3-1Kristen Carpenter
Sat 05/07/202201:30 PM227UG-1-7Laura Bailey7UG-1-1Eric Ungs
Sat 05/07/202203:30 PM117UG-1-6Brianna Williams7UG-1-4Nicole Aab
Mon 05/09/202205:30 PM107UG-1-5Aaron Schmidt7UG-3-1Kristen Carpenter
Mon 05/09/202205:30 PM237UG-1-4Nicole Aab7UG-1-7Laura Bailey
Tue 05/10/202205:30 PM107UG-6-1Janice Phillips7UG-1-6Brianna Williams
Thu 05/12/202205:30 PM227UG-3-1Kristen Carpenter7UG-VINCyanna Boggess
Fri 05/13/202205:30 PM107UG-1-1Eric Ungs7UG-1-2Rachel McCrate
Fri 05/13/202205:30 PM247UG-1-3Doug Niedermann7UG-4-1Nathan Votroubek
Sat 05/14/2022Kids ZoneKids Zone

Kids Zone Awareness Day
Sat 05/14/202210:30 AM107UG-1-6Brianna Williams7UG-1-1Eric Ungs
Sat 05/14/202210:30 AM157UG-6-1Janice Phillips7UG-1-4Nicole Aab
Sat 05/14/202212:00 PM107UG-VINCyanna Boggess7UG-1-3Doug Niedermann
Sat 05/14/202212:00 PM217UG-4-1Nathan Votroubek7UG-1-5Aaron Schmidt
Sat 05/14/202212:00 PM227UG-1-2Rachel McCrate7UG-1-7Laura Bailey
Sat 05/14/202203:00 PM157UG-1-6Brianna Williams7UG-3-1Kristen Carpenter
Mon 05/16/202205:30 PM107UG-4-1Nathan Votroubek7UG-1-4Nicole Aab
Tue 05/17/202205:30 PM117UG-1-7Laura Bailey7UG-6-1Janice Phillips
Tue 05/17/202205:30 PM147UG-1-5Aaron Schmidt7UG-1-3Doug Niedermann
Thu 05/19/202205:30 PM107UG-1-2Rachel McCrate7UG-1-6Brianna Williams
Fri 05/20/202205:30 PM107UG-1-1Eric Ungs7UG-3-1Kristen Carpenter
Fri 05/20/202205:30 PM247UG-1-2Rachel McCrate7UG-VINCyanna Boggess
Sat 05/21/202209:00 AM107UG-1-3Doug Niedermann7UG-1-6Brianna Williams
Sat 05/21/202209:00 AM147UG-1-1Eric Ungs7UG-4-1Nathan Votroubek
Sat 05/21/202210:30 AM107UG-1-5Aaron Schmidt7UG-VINCyanna Boggess
Sat 05/21/202212:00 PM147UG-1-4Nicole Aab7UG-1-2Rachel McCrate
Sat 05/21/202212:00 PM227UG-3-1Kristen Carpenter7UG-6-1Janice Phillips
Sat 05/21/202203:00 PM157UG-1-7Laura Bailey7UG-VINCyanna Boggess
Tue 05/24/202205:30 PM107UG-1-6Brianna Williams7UG-VINCyanna Boggess
Tue 05/24/202205:30 PM137UG-1-5Aaron Schmidt7UG-1-7Laura Bailey
Sat 06/04/202209:00 AM107UG-4-1Nathan Votroubek7UG-1-2Rachel McCrate
Sat 06/04/202210:45 AM207UG-6-1Janice Phillips7UG-1-3Doug Niedermann
Sat 06/04/202212:00 PM157UG-1-4Nicole Aab7UG-3-1Kristen Carpenter
Sat 06/04/202212:00 PM237UG-1-6Brianna Williams7UG-1-5Aaron Schmidt
Sat 06/04/202201:30 PM107UG-VINCyanna Boggess7UG-1-1Eric Ungs
Sat 06/04/202203:00 PM137UG-4-1Nathan Votroubek7UG-1-7Laura Bailey
Team listed first ('Home Team') wears Jersey colorgreen jersey and Jersey colorgreen socks.
Other team ('Away Team') wears Jersey colorblue jersey and Jersey colorblack socks.