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All spectators MUST wear masks at all times
  PDF document COVID-19 Return to Play Guidelines (August 18, 2020)


Playoffs schedule has been posted!
(updated 5/13/2021 1:26 AM)

Teams in the 10U, 12U, 14U and U15 divisions will by playing playoffs games on
             Thursday June 3, Friday June 4, Saturday June 5 and Sunday June 6.
Each team is scheduled to play 3 pool games. These games have been added to the schedule.
The best ranked teams after pool play will advance to the finals. The finals will be played at 3:30 PM (boys) and 5:20 PM (girls) on Sunday June 6. Rules and other details are posted on the Playoffs page.


Download schedule to Excel spreadsheet

Spring 2021

Team Coach Phone Team Referee
8UB-1-01Justin Mullnix 319-427-3431
8UB-1-02Nic Jaeger *319-210-6393
8UB-1-03Steven Meeker 319-929-1091
8UB-1-04Dale Maxedon 319-310-7710
8UB-1-05Aaron Schmidt 515-573-0542
8UB-1-06David Howard 319-325-2769
8UB-1-07Joel Carter *319-601-9671
8UB-1-08Amanda McCall 319-471-1156
8UB-1-09Eyad Said 225-205-5658
8UB-1-10Jason Bowman 260-438-3995
8UB-4-01Chris Graw 319-533-0915
8UB-6-01Mary Stubblefield *319-480-0889
8UB-6-02Brett Hutcherson *630-638-0199
8UB-6-03Nicholas Dean 319-210-9360
8UB-VINMindy Burke 319-350-2665
Date Time Field Home Team Coach Away Team Coach
Sat 04/10/202109:00 AM168UB-1-09Eyad Said8UB-1-01Justin Mullnix
Sat 04/10/202112:00 PM148UB-1-06David Howard8UB-1-04Dale Maxedon
Sat 04/10/202112:00 PM168UB-1-07Joel Carter8UB-4-01Chris Graw
Sat 04/10/202112:00 PM208UB-6-01Mary Stubblefield8UB-1-05Aaron Schmidt
Sat 04/10/202101:30 PM158UB-1-08Amanda McCall8UB-1-03Steven Meeker
Sat 04/10/202101:30 PM238UB-VINMindy Burke8UB-6-02Brett Hutcherson
Sat 04/10/202103:00 PM168UB-1-09Eyad Said8UB-1-02Nic Jaeger
Sat 04/10/202104:30 PM158UB-1-10Jason Bowman8UB-6-03Nicholas Dean
Sat 04/17/202109:00 AM108UB-1-01Justin Mullnix8UB-1-02Nic Jaeger
Sat 04/17/202112:00 PM128UB-1-03Steven Meeker8UB-1-10Jason Bowman
Sat 04/17/202112:00 PM208UB-1-05Aaron Schmidt8UB-1-09Eyad Said
Sat 04/17/202112:00 PM228UB-6-03Nicholas Dean8UB-1-06David Howard
Sat 04/17/202101:30 PM158UB-VINMindy Burke8UB-1-02Nic Jaeger
Sat 04/17/202101:30 PM198UB-1-04Dale Maxedon8UB-6-01Mary Stubblefield
Sat 04/17/202103:00 PM168UB-6-02Brett Hutcherson8UB-1-07Joel Carter
Sat 04/17/202104:30 PM158UB-4-01Chris Graw8UB-1-08Amanda McCall
Sat 05/01/202110:30 AM98UB-1-06David Howard8UB-1-03Steven Meeker
Sat 05/01/202110:30 AM158UB-4-01Chris Graw8UB-6-02Brett Hutcherson
Sat 05/01/202110:30 AM238UB-VINMindy Burke8UB-1-01Justin Mullnix
Sat 05/01/202112:00 PM168UB-6-01Mary Stubblefield8UB-6-03Nicholas Dean
Sat 05/01/202101:30 PM198UB-1-02Nic Jaeger8UB-1-05Aaron Schmidt
Sat 05/01/202101:30 PM218UB-1-08Amanda McCall8UB-1-10Jason Bowman
Sat 05/01/202103:00 PM108UB-1-06David Howard8UB-1-07Joel Carter
Sat 05/01/202104:30 PM158UB-1-09Eyad Said8UB-1-04Dale Maxedon
Mon 05/03/202105:30 PM198UB-1-10Jason Bowman8UB-4-01Chris Graw
Mon 05/03/202105:30 PM238UB-1-03Steven Meeker8UB-6-01Mary Stubblefield
Tue 05/04/202105:30 PM198UB-1-05Aaron Schmidt8UB-VINMindy Burke
Thu 05/06/202105:30 PM198UB-1-04Dale Maxedon8UB-1-02Nic Jaeger
Thu 05/06/202105:30 PM218UB-6-02Brett Hutcherson8UB-1-08Amanda McCall
Thu 05/06/202105:30 PM238UB-1-10Jason Bowman8UB-1-06David Howard
Fri 05/07/202105:30 PM198UB-1-01Justin Mullnix8UB-1-07Joel Carter
Fri 05/07/202105:30 PM238UB-6-03Nicholas Dean8UB-1-09Eyad Said
Sat 05/08/202110:30 AM98UB-6-01Mary Stubblefield8UB-1-10Jason Bowman
Sat 05/08/202110:30 AM118UB-1-09Eyad Said8UB-1-03Steven Meeker
Sat 05/08/202110:30 AM158UB-1-07Joel Carter8UB-1-05Aaron Schmidt
Sat 05/08/202110:30 AM238UB-1-02Nic Jaeger8UB-6-03Nicholas Dean
Sat 05/08/202112:00 PM128UB-4-01Chris Graw8UB-1-01Justin Mullnix
Sat 05/08/202112:00 PM168UB-1-08Amanda McCall8UB-1-06David Howard
Sat 05/08/202101:30 PM138UB-VINMindy Burke8UB-1-04Dale Maxedon
Sat 05/08/202104:30 PM158UB-6-02Brett Hutcherson8UB-1-03Steven Meeker
Mon 05/10/202105:30 PM198UB-1-03Steven Meeker8UB-1-02Nic Jaeger
Mon 05/10/202105:30 PM238UB-1-05Aaron Schmidt8UB-4-01Chris Graw
Tue 05/11/202105:30 PM148UB-1-05Aaron Schmidt8UB-1-08Amanda McCall
Tue 05/11/202105:30 PM198UB-1-06David Howard8UB-6-01Mary Stubblefield
Tue 05/11/202105:30 PM238UB-1-01Justin Mullnix8UB-6-02Brett Hutcherson
Thu 05/13/202105:30 PM238UB-6-03Nicholas Dean8UB-VINMindy Burke
Fri 05/14/202105:30 PM198UB-1-10Jason Bowman8UB-1-09Eyad Said
Fri 05/14/202105:30 PM238UB-1-04Dale Maxedon8UB-1-07Joel Carter
Sat 05/15/202109:00 AM108UB-1-01Justin Mullnix8UB-6-03Nicholas Dean
Sat 05/15/202109:00 AM138UB-6-02Brett Hutcherson8UB-1-05Aaron Schmidt
Sat 05/15/202112:00 PM148UB-VINMindy Burke8UB-1-03Steven Meeker
Sat 05/15/202112:00 PM168UB-1-02Nic Jaeger8UB-1-10Jason Bowman
Sat 05/15/202112:00 PM208UB-4-01Chris Graw8UB-1-04Dale Maxedon
Sat 05/15/202112:00 PM248UB-1-08Amanda McCall8UB-6-01Mary Stubblefield
Sat 05/15/202101:30 PM158UB-1-09Eyad Said8UB-1-06David Howard
Sat 05/15/202101:30 PM198UB-1-07Joel Carter8UB-6-03Nicholas Dean
Sat 05/22/202109:00 AM108UB-1-04Dale Maxedon8UB-6-02Brett Hutcherson
Sat 05/22/202110:30 AM158UB-6-01Mary Stubblefield8UB-1-09Eyad Said
Sat 05/22/202110:30 AM218UB-1-01Justin Mullnix8UB-1-08Amanda McCall
Sat 05/22/202101:30 PM158UB-1-10Jason Bowman8UB-VINMindy Burke
Sat 05/22/202101:30 PM198UB-6-03Nicholas Dean8UB-4-01Chris Graw
Sat 05/22/202103:00 PM128UB-1-03Steven Meeker8UB-1-07Joel Carter
Sat 05/22/202103:00 PM168UB-1-04Dale Maxedon8UB-1-05Aaron Schmidt
Sat 05/22/202104:30 PM158UB-1-06David Howard8UB-1-02Nic Jaeger
Sat 06/05/202110:30 AM138UB-4-01Chris Graw8UB-1-03Steven Meeker
Sat 06/05/202110:30 AM158UB-1-01Justin Mullnix8UB-1-04Dale Maxedon
Sat 06/05/202112:00 PM168UB-1-08Amanda McCall8UB-1-09Eyad Said
Sat 06/05/202101:30 PM158UB-1-02Nic Jaeger8UB-6-01Mary Stubblefield
Sat 06/05/202101:30 PM198UB-VINMindy Burke8UB-1-06David Howard
Sat 06/05/202101:30 PM208UB-1-07Joel Carter8UB-1-10Jason Bowman
Sat 06/05/202103:00 PM168UB-6-02Brett Hutcherson8UB-6-03Nicholas Dean
Sat 06/05/202104:30 PM158UB-1-01Justin Mullnix8UB-1-05Aaron Schmidt
Team listed first ('Home Team') wears Jersey colorgreen jersey and Jersey colorgreen socks.
Other team ('Away Team') wears Jersey colorblue jersey and Jersey colorblack socks.