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VIP Registration

Registration for Fall 2015/Spring 2016 season

VIP Players can register at any time during the season.

     Step 1: Pre-Registrer Online. (See below.)
     Step 2: When finished, print and sign two copies of registration form.
     Step 3: Send an email to vip@ayso-cr.org to notify VIP Administrator.
     Step 4: Bring forms and payment to the first game.


FEES: $50 per player ($30.00 for returning players who not need a new uniform)
Fee includes uniform -- 2 jerseys, shorts, & socks, National AYSO membership, Soccer Now magazine, & supplemental accident insurance. The fee covers Fall and Spring.
Payment options: Check or Cash


Steps to get your VIP player pre-registered online via eAYSO:

  1. Go to the  eAYSO website ( www.eayso.org).
  2. Follow the on screen instructions. (When asked to select a region, enter "1112".)
  3. On the "Player Information" page, check the checkbox for "I'm interested in a VIP program".
  4. When done, print out two copies of the registration form.
  5. Sign (on first page) and initial (on second page) both copies.
  6. Send an email to vip@ayso-cr.org to let our VIP Administrator know that you’ve registered a VIP Player. Please include player name and any additional information you would like to share about your player.
  7. 30 minutes before the start of the practice/game, come to field 16 at the Tuma Soccer Complex with your player and bring the signed registration plus $50 payment.
  8. Your player will be registered at the field and receive his/her uniform at the field.
  9. When determining your player's uniform size, please take into consideration that kids might be wearing a sweatshirt under their jerseys during cold late Fall games or early Spring games. We will have sample jerseys at the field to try on for size.