AYSO - Youth Soccer for Cedar Rapids, Marion, Mount Vernon, Vinton, Robins, Hiawatha


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AYSO Region 1112 - Cedar Rapids, Marion and surrounding areas
Mail: 1413 Acacia Dr NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402  (please do not send registration forms or birth certificates to this address)
Phone: (319) 804-8384  (please note that this is a voice mail service)
Email: commissioner@ayso-cr.org

Board of Directors

Position Name Email
Regional Commissioner Henk Rook commissioner@ayso-cr.org
Coach Administrator Tasha Murdock coachadmin@ayso-cr.org
Referee Administrator David Hagen refereeadmin@ayso-cr.org
Asst Referee Administrator Mark Holt asstrefereeadmin@ayso-cr.org
Child & Volunteer Protection Advocate Beth Tribble cvpadvocate@ayso-cr.org
Treasurer Jessica Longwisch treasurer@ayso-cr.org
Safety Director Chris Staab safetydirector@ayso-cr.org
Registrar Rebecca Erb registrar@ayso-cr.org
Scheduler Henk Rook scheduler@ayso-cr.org
Uniform Coordinator Christy Pratt uniforms@ayso-cr.org
VIP Administrator Matt Vrba vip@ayso-cr.org
Volunteer Recognition Coordinator Mary Stubblefield recognition@ayso-cr.org
Playoff Coordinator Mary Stubblefield playoff@ayso-cr.org
Webmaster Henk Rook webmaster@ayso-cr.org
Referee Mentor Program Coordinator Mark Holt refereementor@ayso-cr.org
Player Referee Organization Administrator <Open> playerreferees@ayso-cr.org
Division Coordinators    
5U Boys Brian Mohling 5uboys@ayso-cr.org
5U Girls Brian Mohling 5ugirls@ayso-cr.org
6U Boys Tasha Murdock 6uboys@ayso-cr.org
6U Girls Bob Brown 6ugirls@ayso-cr.org
7U Boys Bryan Pettit 7uboys@ayso-cr.org
7U Girls Chris Staab 7ugirls@ayso-cr.org
8U Boys Marie Pettit 8uboys@ayso-cr.org
8U Girls Tasha Murdock 8ugirls@ayso-cr.org
10U Boys Beth Tribble 10uboys@ayso-cr.org
10U Girls Karen Keffer 10ugirls@ayso-cr.org
12U Boys Tasha Murdock 12uboys@ayso-cr.org
12U Girls Niki Aab 12ugirls@ayso-cr.org
14U Boys Matt Vrba 14uboys@ayso-cr.org
14U Girls Todd Gale 14ugirls@ayso-cr.org
15U Coed Nou Luck 15u@ayso-cr.org
19U Coed Henk Rook 19u@ayso-cr.org