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Indoor Schedules

Indoor Games Location

All 8U-12U games and most 14U-19U games are played at the Raptors Training Facility:
    223 33rd Street Drive SE
    Cedar Rapids, IA 52403
The facility consists of two connected long skinny warehouse buildings, across the street from Air Filter Sales & Services. The facility contains two small soccer fields: "Raptors 1" is located at the east side of the first building and "Raptors 2" is located at the west side of the second building.
On-street parking and there is limited parking at the south side of the facility.

Iowa Raptors Training Facility
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Indoor 2022/2023 - Dec-Feb

Team Coach Phone Team Referee
12UB-ARyan Post 319-210-3275
12UB-BDale Maxedon 319-310-7710
12UB-CDavid DeLayo 319-538-6835
12UB-DBob Brown 319-423-1916
12UB-EDonnie Goddard *319-310-8486
12UB-FQuinn Arnold 612-801-4720
12UB-GAaron Tank 563-299-0708
12UB-HAndrew Turner *319-721-0628
12UB-IRandall Gass *319-210-1573
12UB-JShelby Wingo 319-777-3268
12UB-KGabriel Loesch *319-560-1638
12UB-LReynaldo Rodriguez 319-533-8801
Date Time Field Home Team Coach Away Team Coach
Fri 12/02/202206:00 PMRaptors 212UB-IRandall Gass12UB-GAaron Tank
Sat 12/03/202201:20 PMRaptors 112UB-CDavid DeLayo12UB-KGabriel Loesch
Sat 12/03/202202:25 PMRaptors 112UB-BDale Maxedon12UB-DBob Brown
Sat 12/03/202203:30 PMRaptors 112UB-HAndrew Turner12UB-FQuinn Arnold
Sat 12/03/202204:35 PMRaptors 112UB-JShelby Wingo12UB-LReynaldo Rodriguez
Sun 12/04/202203:40 PMRaptors 212UB-ARyan Post12UB-EDonnie Goddard
Sat 12/10/202212:15 PMRaptors 112UB-IRandall Gass12UB-ARyan Post
Sat 12/10/202204:35 PMRaptors 112UB-EDonnie Goddard12UB-JShelby Wingo
Sun 12/11/202204:00 PMPowerHouse12UB-LReynaldo Rodriguez12UB-HAndrew Turner
Sun 12/11/202205:00 PMPowerHouse12UB-FQuinn Arnold12UB-BDale Maxedon
Sun 12/11/202206:00 PMPowerHouse12UB-DBob Brown12UB-CDavid DeLayo
Sun 12/11/202207:00 PMPowerHouse12UB-KGabriel Loesch12UB-GAaron Tank
Sat 12/17/202201:20 PMRaptors 112UB-IRandall Gass12UB-FQuinn Arnold
Sat 12/17/202202:25 PMRaptors 112UB-DBob Brown12UB-LReynaldo Rodriguez
Sat 12/17/202205:40 PMRaptors 212UB-KGabriel Loesch12UB-EDonnie Goddard
Sat 12/17/202206:45 PMRaptors 212UB-GAaron Tank12UB-ARyan Post
Sun 12/18/202202:35 PMRaptors 212UB-CDavid DeLayo12UB-JShelby Wingo
Sun 12/18/202203:40 PMRaptors 212UB-BDale Maxedon12UB-HAndrew Turner
Fri 01/06/202306:00 PMRaptors 212UB-IRandall Gass12UB-HAndrew Turner
Sat 01/07/202301:20 PMRaptors 112UB-JShelby Wingo12UB-BDale Maxedon
Sat 01/07/202302:25 PMRaptors 112UB-ARyan Post12UB-CDavid DeLayo
Sat 01/07/202303:30 PMRaptors 112UB-EDonnie Goddard12UB-GAaron Tank
Sat 01/07/202304:35 PMRaptors 112UB-LReynaldo Rodriguez12UB-KGabriel Loesch
Sun 01/08/202303:40 PMRaptors 112UB-FQuinn Arnold12UB-DBob Brown
Sat 01/14/202311:10 AMRaptors 112UB-IRandall Gass12UB-KGabriel Loesch
Sat 01/14/202312:15 PMRaptors 112UB-GAaron Tank12UB-DBob Brown
Sun 01/15/202301:30 PMRaptors 112UB-CDavid DeLayo12UB-FQuinn Arnold
Sun 01/15/202302:35 PMRaptors 112UB-BDale Maxedon12UB-LReynaldo Rodriguez
Sun 01/15/202302:35 PMRaptors 212UB-HAndrew Turner12UB-EDonnie Goddard
Sun 01/15/202303:40 PMRaptors 212UB-JShelby Wingo12UB-ARyan Post
Sat 01/21/202309:00 AMRaptors 112UB-IRandall Gass12UB-JShelby Wingo
Sat 01/21/202310:05 AMRaptors 112UB-ARyan Post12UB-HAndrew Turner
Sat 01/21/202312:15 PMRaptors 112UB-EDonnie Goddard12UB-BDale Maxedon
Sat 01/21/202301:20 PMRaptors 112UB-LReynaldo Rodriguez12UB-CDavid DeLayo
Sat 01/21/202302:25 PMRaptors 112UB-FQuinn Arnold12UB-GAaron Tank
Sat 01/21/202306:45 PMRaptors 212UB-DBob Brown12UB-KGabriel Loesch
Sat 01/28/202310:05 AMRaptors 112UB-IRandall Gass12UB-CDavid DeLayo
Sat 01/28/202311:10 AMRaptors 112UB-BDale Maxedon12UB-GAaron Tank
Sat 01/28/202312:15 PMRaptors 112UB-HAndrew Turner12UB-KGabriel Loesch
Sun 01/29/202301:30 PMRaptors 112UB-JShelby Wingo12UB-DBob Brown
Sun 01/29/202302:35 PMRaptors 112UB-ARyan Post12UB-FQuinn Arnold
Sun 01/29/202303:40 PMRaptors 212UB-EDonnie Goddard12UB-LReynaldo Rodriguez
Fri 02/03/202306:00 PMRaptors 212UB-IRandall Gass12UB-LReynaldo Rodriguez
Sat 02/04/202301:20 PMRaptors 112UB-FQuinn Arnold12UB-EDonnie Goddard
Sat 02/04/202302:25 PMRaptors 112UB-DBob Brown12UB-ARyan Post
Sat 02/04/202303:30 PMRaptors 112UB-KGabriel Loesch12UB-JShelby Wingo
Sat 02/04/202304:35 PMRaptors 112UB-GAaron Tank12UB-HAndrew Turner
Sun 02/05/202303:40 PMRaptors 112UB-CDavid DeLayo12UB-BDale Maxedon
Team listed first ('Home Team') wears Jersey colorgreen jersey and Jersey colorgreen socks.
Other team ('Away Team') wears Jersey colorblue jersey and Jersey colorblack socks.