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Indoor Schedules

Games for the first session will be played at three different locations:

AUTF AYSO United Training Facility, located at 2510 16th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids. Or search Google maps for "AYSO United Training Facility". Loaction map.
Cleats allowed (must be clean).
Raptors Iowa Raptors Training Facility, located 223 33rd Street Drive SE, Cedar Rapids. Loaction map.
No cleats allowed.
PowerHouse Alliant Energy PowerHouse, located 370 1st Ave NE, Cedar Rapids. Please enter the PowerHouse through entrance to the left of the Double Tree hotel lobby.
No cleats allowed.

Check the Field column on the schedule to see whether your child's game is at the AYSO United Training Facility (AUTF), Iowa Raptors Training Facility, or the Alliant Energy PowerHouse.

Indoor Soccer LIVE STREAMS

All indoor games played at the AYSO United Training Facility (AUTF) are being live streamed on the AYSO United CR YouTube channel at:
Or go directly to the upcoming live streams.

For each weekend, four streams are scheduled:
 • Friday Night: for games scheduled 6pm-11pm
 • Saturday Morning: for games scheduled 9am-1pm
 • Saturday Afternoon: for games scheduled 1pm-11pm
 • Sunday Afternoon: for games scheduled 1pm-10pm

After live streams have ended, you can (re)watch the recordings on the YouTube channel as well.

AYSO YouTube Channel


Download schedule to Excel spreadsheet

Indoor 2023/2024 - Feb-Mar

Team Coach Phone Team Referee
12UG-1Rachel Barnd 319-423-0870
12UG-2Aaron Runge 319-530-0399
12UG-3Elijah Abel *319-389-8610
12UG-4Andre de Souza *319-329-9086
12UG-5Joel Carter *319-601-9671
12UG-6Joe Lahart 319-899-3175
Date Time Field Home Team Coach Away Team Coach
Sat 02/10/202401:00 PMAUTF12UG-5Joel Carter12UG-6Joe Lahart
Sat 02/10/202404:00 PMAUTF12UG-3Elijah Abel12UG-4Andre de Souza
Sat 02/10/202405:00 PMAUTF12UG-1Rachel Barnd12UG-2Aaron Runge
Sat 02/17/202409:00 AMAUTF12UG-1Rachel Barnd12UG-6Joe Lahart
Sat 02/17/202403:00 PMAUTF12UG-5Joel Carter12UG-4Andre de Souza
Sat 02/17/202405:00 PMAUTF12UG-2Aaron Runge12UG-3Elijah Abel
Sat 02/24/202412:00 PMAUTF12UG-3Elijah Abel12UG-1Rachel Barnd
Sat 02/24/202401:00 PMAUTF12UG-6Joe Lahart12UG-4Andre de Souza
Sat 02/24/202404:00 PMAUTF12UG-2Aaron Runge12UG-5Joel Carter
Sun 03/03/202401:00 PMAUTF12UG-2Aaron Runge12UG-6Joe Lahart
Sun 03/03/202402:00 PMAUTF12UG-4Andre de Souza12UG-1Rachel Barnd
Sun 03/03/202403:00 PMAUTF12UG-3Elijah Abel12UG-5Joel Carter
Sat 03/09/202403:00 PMAUTF12UG-1Rachel Barnd12UG-5Joel Carter
Sat 03/09/202404:00 PMAUTF12UG-6Joe Lahart12UG-3Elijah Abel
Sat 03/09/202405:00 PMAUTF12UG-4Andre de Souza12UG-2Aaron Runge
Sat 03/16/202410:00 AMAUTF12UG-4Andre de Souza12UG-3Elijah Abel
Sat 03/16/202411:00 AMAUTF12UG-6Joe Lahart12UG-5Joel Carter
Sat 03/16/202405:00 PMAUTF12UG-2Aaron Runge12UG-1Rachel Barnd
Fri 03/22/202406:00 PMAUTF12UG-4Andre de Souza12UG-5Joel Carter
Fri 03/22/202407:00 PMAUTF12UG-6Joe Lahart12UG-1Rachel Barnd
Sat 03/23/202412:00 PMAUTF12UG-3Elijah Abel12UG-2Aaron Runge
Team listed first ('Home Team') wears Jersey colorgreen jersey and Jersey colorgreen socks.
Other team ('Away Team') wears Jersey colorblue jersey and Jersey colorblack socks.