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Indoor Schedules

Games for the first session will be played at three different locations:

AUTF AYSO United Training Facility, located at 2510 16th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids. Or search Google maps for "AYSO United Training Facility".
Raptors Iowa Raptors Training Facility, located 223 33rd Street Drive SE, Cedar Rapids
PowerHouse Alliant Energy PowerHouse, located 370 1st Ave NE, Cedar Rapids. Please enter the PowerHouse through entrance to the left of the Double Tree hotel lobby.

Check the Field column on the schedule to see whether your child's game is at the AYSO United Training Facility (AUTF), Iowa Raptors Training Facility, or the Alliant Energy PowerHouse.

Download schedule to Excel spreadsheet

Indoor 2023/2024 - Dec-Feb

Team Coach Phone Team Referee
15UC-1Mary Stubblefield *319-480-0889
15UC-2Henk Rook *319-521-4500
15UC-3Christa Kolbrak 206-715-5639
15UC-4Mariah Gilliland 319-784-8188
Date Time Field Home Team Coach Away Team Coach
Fri 12/01/202308:00 PMAUTF15UC-1Mary Stubblefield15UC-2Henk Rook
Sat 12/02/202308:00 PMAUTF15UC-3Christa Kolbrak15UC-4Mariah Gilliland
Sat 12/09/202307:00 PMAUTF15UC-3Christa Kolbrak15UC-1Mary Stubblefield
Sat 12/09/202308:00 PMAUTF15UC-4Mariah Gilliland15UC-2Henk Rook
Fri 12/15/202308:00 PMAUTF15UC-2Henk Rook15UC-3Christa Kolbrak
Sun 12/17/202307:00 PMAUTF15UC-1Mary Stubblefield15UC-4Mariah Gilliland
Fri 01/05/202408:00 PMAUTF15UC-2Henk Rook15UC-1Mary Stubblefield
Sat 01/06/202408:00 PMAUTF15UC-4Mariah Gilliland15UC-3Christa Kolbrak
Sat 01/13/202407:00 PMAUTF15UC-1Mary Stubblefield15UC-3Christa Kolbrak
Sat 01/13/202408:00 PMAUTF15UC-2Henk Rook15UC-4Mariah Gilliland
Fri 01/19/202408:00 PMPowerHouse15UC-3Christa Kolbrak15UC-2Henk Rook
Sat 01/20/202403:00 PMPowerHouse15UC-4Mariah Gilliland15UC-1Mary Stubblefield
Sun 01/28/202406:00 PMAUTF15UC-1Mary Stubblefield15UC-2Henk Rook
Sun 01/28/202407:00 PMAUTF15UC-3Christa Kolbrak15UC-4Mariah Gilliland
Fri 02/02/202408:00 PMAUTF15UC-3Christa Kolbrak15UC-1Mary Stubblefield
Sat 02/03/202408:00 PMAUTF15UC-4Mariah Gilliland15UC-2Henk Rook
Team listed first ('Home Team') wears Jersey colorneon-yellow jersey and Jersey colorblack socks.
Other team ('Away Team') wears Jersey colormaroon jersey and Jersey colorblack socks.