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Indoor Soccer - Winter 2022/2023

Indoor soccer is a great way for your child to improve soccer skills and to keep fitness up during the winter! This opportunity is only available to our AYSO players in the age divisions 7U and up (players born 2004-2016).

  • Divisions: 7U-19U (players born 2004-2016)
  • Location: Iowa Raptors Training Facility
  • Number of Games in session: 7 games
  • Game Dates: February 17th – April 2nd
  • Game Days: Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays
  • Players on the field: 5 v 5
  • Session: No practices, games only
  • Cost: $30 per players

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Games will be played on the two indoor soccer fields at the Iowa Raptors Training Facility (213 33rd Street Drive SE, Cedar Rapids). The indoor turf fields at the Raptors facility are 100 feet x 38 feet and are surrounded by 4 feet walls. The ball can be played off the walls, and will only be out of play if it goes over the 4' wall. Indoor soccer is a lot faster than outdoor soccer. Unlimited substitutions are allowed on the fly. The indoor turf field is not suitable for soccer cleats. Although specific indoor soccer shoes are available in sport equipment stores, tennis shoes, sneakers or jogging shoes will work just fine.
Some of the games for the older age groups will be played at the Alliant Energy PowerHouse (formerly known as the US Cellular Center), located in downtown Cedar Rapids. The indoor turf field at the PowerHouse will be 180 feet x 100 feet and will also be surrounded by walls, where the ball also can be played of the walls. Games at the PowerHouse will be played 7 v 7. The availability of PowerHouse for the second session will be very limited. So only a couple of the games for the older ago groups will be played at the PowerHouse.
When forming the indoor teams, we will try to keep players from the same AYSO Core outdoor team together as much as possible, but can't guarantee this. In order to keep teams balanced, we won't be able to keep all the players from the same AYSO United outdoor team together. However, assuming that the majority of the AYSO United players will be playing indoor soccer, there will be multiple AYSO United players on each indoor soccer team. There will be no practices related to this indoor league.
Depending on the number if teams we will be able to form and the availability of the indoor fields, games will be scheduled Friday nights, Saturday mornings, afternoons and nights, and Sundays afternoon and nights. Depending on interest, we might combine 7U and 8U. Depending on the number of 7U/8U teams we will be able to form, games will be played Saturday mornings and early Saturday afternoons. Some 7U/8U games might be played Sunday afternoons.
The game schedule might not get published until the week before the first game.
Rather than assigning 19U players to teams, they will be assigned to 19U games that don't conflict with their busy schedules. Once I know how many 19U players are interested in playing, I'll be reserving time slots for 19U games for Friday nights, Saturday nights and Sunday Nights. I will then contact the registered 19U players regarding their availability. Games will then be assigned to the 19U players based on each player's individual availability. 19U players will also be given the opportunity to indicate which friends they like to play with. First games for the second session will be during the weekend of February 17th, and last games during the weekend of March 31st. Games are mostly played at the at the Iowa Raptors Training Facility and only a couple at the Alliant Energy PowerHouse. Game assignments will be emailed each Wednesday night prior to a game weekend.
7U-14U will be playing in neon-green and blue AYSO jerseys. 15U and 19U will be playing in neon-yellow and maroon AYSO jerseys. If you child doesn't have these, then you can purchase a uniform as part of the online registration and payment process.
If your child would like to participate in the second session of indoor soccer, then please follow the registration and payment instructions below.

Register Now

Only payment option is online by Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard). There are only limited spots available, so please submit your payment as soon as possible!
In order to register and pay for this session of indoor soccer, you will need to login with your AYSO Region 1112 (AYSO Cedar Rapids/Marion and surrounding areas) Sports Connect account at http://ayso.bluesombrero.com/region1112. This is the same Sports Connect account as you used to register your child for the Fall 2022/Spring 2023 AYSO Core outdoor season.
Don't have an AYSO Region 1112 Sports Connect account yet?
If you don't have an AYSO Core account with AYSO Sports Connect, then you will need to create a new account. If you aren't an AYSO member yet for the current season, then you will be charged a $20 AYSO membership fee. If your child is currently registered with ASYO United, AYSO Amana or AYSO Center Point, then you won't be charged the $20 AYSO membership fee. Make sure you enter your child's name and date of birth exactly the same as for the AYSO Region your child currently is registered with.
If your child does not have the uniform with a green jersey and a blue jersey (7U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U) or the uniform with a neon-yellow and a maroon jersey (15U, 19U) yet, then you must answer "Yes" to the "Need a uniform?" question. The fee for the uniform is $40.