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Kids Zone Awareness Days

AYSO East Central Iowa (Region 1112) is a Kids Zone!

Kids Zone Awareness Days

  • September 9 (first game)
  • October 7 (sixth game)

On these Kids Zone Awareness Days, coaches, referees, players and spectators will gather for a pre-game Kids Zone Huddle. Your coach will then discuss the Kids Zone sign as posted on the bulletin boards at both entrances of the Tuma Soccer Complex (see above), and will explain the role of parents/spectators in the Kids Zone (see below). 

Role of Parents/Spectators in the Kids Zone

The role of parents and fans in AYSO is to be cheerleaders not critics. Kids Zone is a unique AYSO program that reminds everyone how important that cheerleading role is.

Soccer is a player’s game.  Players learn the game by trying new things, making mistakes and trying again.  Sideline critics who shout instructions at players or criticize referees or coaches just slow down the learning process and make it less fun for everyone.

To create a fun and safe atmosphere for AYSO players to develop their skills:

  • Parents are reminded that the top three reasons kids play sports are to have fun, make new friends and learn new skills. The game is for the kids!
  • Parents will redefine the word “winner.” A winner is someone who makes maximum effort, continues to learn and improve, and does not let mistakes stop them.
  • Parents will honor the game by setting an example of sportsmanship. Parents should show respect to everyone involved in the game from players to coaches to referees. Everyone makes mistakes—including coaches and referees. That’s how everybody learns!
  • Parents agree to cheer, leaving the coaching to the coaches. During games, kids are over-stimulated. The coach is giving instructions, teammates and opponents are talking, the crowd is cheering, and the referee is blowing the whistle. A parent’s instructions yelled from the sideline just adds to the confusion.
  • Parents will promise not to make any negative comments about the game, coaches, referees or teammates in their child’s presence.


Kids Zone