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BOYS AND GIRLS AGES 4 - 18 from Cedar Rapids, Marion, Robins, Hiawatha, Vinton, Mount Vernon, Solon, Anamosa, Central City, Lisbon, Toddville, Center Point, Palo, Olin, Shellsburg, Hopkinton, Alburnett, Coggon, Monticello, Springville, Swisher, Martelle, Urbana, Garrison, Coggon, North Liberty, Walford, Ely and other cities in the surrounding areas. Girls and boys play on separate teams. 15U and High School divisions are coed.

Current Registration Status
Registration for the Fall 2024/Spring 2025 is currently open for all age divisions.
Early Bird fees will be available until June 1.

Registration information will be published on our website.

Registration for Fall 2024/Spring 2025 season

Registration Instructions

Step 1: Read all information on this webpage prior to registering your child.
Step 2a: Log into your AYSO account at our AYSO Sports Connect portal.
             (Same as you used to register your child for the Fall 2022/Spring 2023
             season or for the indoor season.)
Step 2b: Don't have an account? Register here!
Step 3: Complete online registration and payment.
            No registration is completed until online payment successfully has been
            submitted. You will receive a confirmation email after successful registration.
New player?
After finishing the 3 steps above...
Step 4: Provide proof of age. Upload during online registration process or attach to an email to our Registrar at registrar@ayso-cr.org.
Returning player?
Registration for a returning player is completed after completion of step 3. No need to provide proof of age.

    NOTE 1: Online Credit Card payments only – no cash, no checks.
    NOTE 2: The annual AYSO Membership Fee of $25 is not refundable.
    NOTE 3: You'll be contacted by your coach sometime late August 
                 (for fall season) or late March (for spring season) after teams
                 have been formed.
    NOTE 4: Players registering for a division with a wait list, still should go
                 through the whole registration and payment process in order to
                 be added to the wait list. However, they will be charged $0.00.

Special Requests
Please note that we are unable to accommodate player, coach, team, friend or carpool requests in any division.


If you have questions, then please send an email to commissioner@ayso-cr.org

Payment is done online and will only be accepted via credit or debit card.  
(Visa or MasterCard)  

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VIP Program
Registration for our VIP Program (soccer program for players with physical or mental disabilities) is always open. Please see our VIP Program page for more info.

Proof of Age
Proof of age must be provided for each new player. Acceptable for proof of age are: birth certificate, passport, driver's license, federal, state, or local government identification card, or alien registration card issued by the United States Government.
Once the player's date of birth has been verified, this will be entered in AYSO's registration system, and will not be asked to provide proof of age again with future registrations.

Fees – Fall 2024/Spring 2025
Early Bird discount will end June 1st.

Division Early Bird fee
(until 6/1/2024)
Regular fee
(after 6/1/2024)
5U $60 $80 n/a
6U-15U $75 $95 $45
19U $50 $50 $45
VIP $30 $30 $20

Fees include annual AYSO National Membership Fee & supplemental accident insurance.
The player fee for the 5U divisions covers Fall and Spring, and includes a jersey.
The player fee for the 6U-15U divisions covers Fall and Spring. 
The player fee for the 19U division only covers the Fall season. A Spring season is no longer being offered for the 19U division.
Uniform includes 2 jerseys, shorts, & 2 pairs of socks.
Payment options: Online by Credit Card (MasterCard or Visa) – no cash, no checks.

Refund Policy
Please see the Refund Policy page.

Age Division Chart
The player's birth year determines their age division.

Birth Year Division Age on 12/31/2024
2020 5U Jamboree 4
2019 6U 5
2018 7U 6
2017 8U 7
2016 10U 8
2015 10U 9
2014 12U 10
2013 12U 11
2012 14U 12
2011 14U 13
2010 15U (Coed teams) OR
19U (Coed Jamboree) 1)
2009 19U (Coed Jamboree) 15
2008 19U (Coed Jamboree) 16
2007 19U (Coed Jamboree) 17
2006 19U (Coed Jamboree) 18
2005 and before AYSO Adult 2) 19 and older
2020 and before VIP/Special Needs 4 and older

1) Players born in 2010 between January 1 and August 1 have the choice to either play 15U or 19U.
Players in the 15U-Coed division will be assigned to teams, have practices during the week and will have a game schedule similar to younger age divisions. This group will consist of middle school 8th graders as well as high school freshmen. The high school freshmen in this age group are given the choice whether they want to play on a team in the 15U-Coed division or play up in the 19U-Coed division (jamboree - no teams, no practices, games on Saturdays at 12pm and on Sundays at 1pm, fall-only).

2) Players interested in the AYSO Adult soccer league should register at AYSO Adult

Team Forming
AYSO develops and delivers quality youth soccer programs in a fun, family environment based on AYSO's Six Philosophies. One of these philosophies is "Balanced Teams". Each year prior to the start of the Fall season, we form new teams as evenly balanced as possible—because it is fair and more fun when teams of equal ability play. Balancing of the teams is a tedious and time consuming job. It would be too much for one person to balance the more than 200 teams. This is why we have trained division coordinators. Our division coordinators do their utmost best to balance the teams for their division as good as possible. Our season is a combination of a fall and a spring season. Players who join our program for the spring are added by our division coordinators to either existing teams who need additional players, or they form new teams if numbers support this.

Our AYSO Region stretches an area of approx. 900 square miles, and includes players from Cedar Rapids, Marion, Mount Vernon, Robins, Hiawatha, Vinton, Anamosa, Central City, Lisbon, Toddville, Center Point, Palo, Olin, Shellsburg, Hopkinton, Alburnett, Coggon, Swisher, Urbana, Solon and Ely. When forming teams, our division coordinators try to form teams within geographic areas. Sometimes there are not enough or too many players to form full teams in certain geographic areas, forcing the division coordinator to place players on teams in other (nearby) geographic areas.

Please note that we are unable to accommodate player, coach, team, friend or carpool requests in any division.

Season Information
AYSO is an all-volunteer organization. All Coaches are also volunteers. Your child's Coach will determine practice location, days, times, duration and frequency. 7U-8U teams typically practice once a week, while 10U-15U typically practice twice a week. Some Coaches start the season with two practices, but then bring it down to one practice per week after the first game. Coaches usually stay away from Wednesday nights for practices because of conflicts with church functions. This is also the reason why we don't schedule any weeknight games on Wednesday nights. 5U and 6U practices will be on game days only. There will be no practices for 19U. Coaches will be contacting parents regarding practice and team information late August/early September. Games will be on Saturdays, as well as two games on a weeknight. All games will be played at the Tuma Soccer Complex.

FALL SEASON: Practices begin late August. Games September (weekend after Labor Day) through October/early November.

SPRING SEASON: Practices begin late March/early April. Games April through early June.

Volunteer Opportunities
AYSO relies on parents to volunteer as coaches and referees. Your children benefit from your support and participation to make it happen. You are invited to volunteer! NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! We will provide a training course and manual to help you get started. Other areas need volunteers, too!

Volunteer Registration Instructions
Volunteer registration should be done in Sports Connect as well. Either under the same account as you use for the player registration, or under a separate account.
Coaches should select all divisions in which they wish to coach. 
Other Volunteers (Referee, Youth Referee, VIP Buddy, Board Member), should register for their role in the "Volunteer Registration - 2024/2025" Program.
After successful registration, you will be receiving an email from a third party volunteer background check organization (Sterling Volunteers) that does Level 2 background checks. A link in the email will take you to the Sterling Volunteers website to submit your background check. The cost for the background is $25, but this fee is automatically paid by our region.

Registration Priority
Our goal is to ensure that we can place every child on a team, but the reality is that we only have as many teams as we have adult volunteers to be coaches and referees. If we do not have enough adult volunteers, then children will be placed on a wait list.

A jersey is included in the player fee for players in our 5U program. A uniform must be ordered as part of the registration process for all other age divisions (6U-19U). Coaches will distribute uniforms at your child's first practice. 

Division Uniform
5U Boys Light Blue jersey
(shorts and socks not provided)
5U Girls Pink jersey
(shorts and socks not provided)
6U-14U Neon Green jersey & Blue jersey
Neon Green socks & Black socks
Black shorts
15U & 19U Neon Yellow jersey & Maroon jersey
Black socks
Black shorts
VIP Red jersey & Light Blue jersey
Red socks & Black socks
Black shorts

Note: When determining your child's uniform size, please take into consideration that kids might be wearing a sweatshirt under their jerseys during cold late Fall games or early Spring games.

Players must purchase their own ball, shin guards and shoes. Please see the Equipment page for more information.

Center Point/Urbana
For families living in the Center Point/Urbana area: Although it's perfectly fine to register your child in our Region (AYSO Region 1112 - Cedar Rapids/Marion and surrounding areas), please note that there is also an AYSO Region in Center Point/Urbana. They have their own website and their registration process is separate from ours.

If you have questions, then please send an email to commissioner@ayso-cr.org

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