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The schedules on this pages are for the Spring 2022 season. The schedules for the new Fall 2022 season will be published early September.

First games will be on September 10th. The last games will be on November 5th.


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Spring 2022

Team Coach Phone Team Referee
14UG-01-01Zack Hofmann 319-538-7884
14UG-02-01Elijah Abel *319-389-8610
14UG-02-02Leo Buzalsky 319-899-8587
14UG-03-01Joe Lahart *319-899-3175
14UG-05-01Mary Stubblefield *319-480-0889
14UG-MTV-01Joshua Ford 319-210-7489
14UG-VIN-01Henk Rook 319-521-4500
Date Time Field Home Team Coach Away Team Coach
Sat 04/16/2022Kids ZoneKids Zone

Kids Zone Awareness Day
Sat 04/16/202210:00 AM2914UG-01-01Zack Hofmann14UG-MTV-01Joshua Ford
Sat 04/16/202210:00 AM3414UG-02-01Elijah Abel14UG-03-01Joe Lahart
Sat 04/16/202202:00 PM2914UG-05-01Mary Stubblefield14UG-VIN-01Henk Rook
Sat 04/16/202202:00 PM3414UG-01-01Zack Hofmann14UG-02-02Leo Buzalsky
Thu 05/05/202206:15 PM2914UG-01-01Zack Hofmann14UG-02-01Elijah Abel
Fri 05/06/202206:15 PM3114UG-05-01Mary Stubblefield14UG-03-01Joe Lahart
Sat 05/07/202210:00 AM2914UG-02-02Leo Buzalsky14UG-VIN-01Henk Rook
Sat 05/07/202210:00 AM3414UG-03-01Joe Lahart14UG-MTV-01Joshua Ford
Sat 05/07/202202:00 PM2914UG-02-01Elijah Abel14UG-05-01Mary Stubblefield
Sat 05/07/202202:00 PM3414UG-03-01Joe Lahart14UG-01-01Zack Hofmann
Thu 05/12/202206:15 PM3014UG-05-01Mary Stubblefield14UG-01-01Zack Hofmann
Fri 05/13/202206:15 PM2914UG-VIN-01Henk Rook14UG-03-01Joe Lahart
Fri 05/13/202206:15 PM3114UG-MTV-01Joshua Ford14UG-02-01Elijah Abel
Sat 05/14/2022Kids ZoneKids Zone

Kids Zone Awareness Day
Sat 05/14/202210:00 AM2914UG-05-01Mary Stubblefield14UG-VIN-01Henk Rook
Sat 05/14/202210:00 AM3014UG-03-01Joe Lahart14UG-02-02Leo Buzalsky
Sat 05/14/202202:00 PM2914UG-02-01Elijah Abel14UG-VIN-01Henk Rook
Sat 05/14/202202:00 PM3014UG-01-01Zack Hofmann14UG-MTV-01Joshua Ford
Tue 05/17/202206:15 PM3314UG-02-02Leo Buzalsky14UG-02-01Elijah Abel
Fri 05/20/202206:15 PM2914UG-VIN-01Henk Rook14UG-01-01Zack Hofmann
Fri 05/20/202206:15 PM3014UG-02-02Leo Buzalsky14UG-03-01Joe Lahart
Fri 05/20/202206:15 PM3314UG-MTV-01Joshua Ford14UG-05-01Mary Stubblefield
Sat 05/21/202210:00 AM2914UG-01-01Zack Hofmann14UG-VIN-01Henk Rook
Sat 05/21/202210:00 AM3014UG-02-01Elijah Abel14UG-02-02Leo Buzalsky
Sat 05/21/202202:00 PM2914UG-05-01Mary Stubblefield14UG-MTV-01Joshua Ford
Sat 05/21/202202:00 PM3014UG-02-01Elijah Abel14UG-03-01Joe Lahart
Tue 05/24/202206:15 PM2914UG-MTV-01Joshua Ford14UG-02-02Leo Buzalsky
Thu 06/02/2022Bye 14UG-VIN-01Henk RookByeBye
Thu 06/02/202205:30 PM2914UG-01-01Zack Hofmann14UG-02-01Elijah Abel
Fri 06/03/202206:50 PM2914UG-VIN-01Henk Rook14UG-05-01Mary Stubblefield
Fri 06/03/202206:50 PM3114UG-MTV-01Joshua Ford14UG-03-01Joe Lahart
Fri 06/03/202206:50 PM3314UG-01-01Zack Hofmann14UG-02-02Leo Buzalsky
Sat 06/04/202210:40 AM2914UG-03-01Joe Lahart14UG-VIN-01Henk Rook
Sat 06/04/202210:40 AM3114UG-MTV-01Joshua Ford14UG-05-01Mary Stubblefield
Sat 06/04/202210:40 AM3314UG-02-01Elijah Abel14UG-02-02Leo Buzalsky
Sat 06/04/202204:00 PM2914UG-03-01Joe Lahart14UG-02-01Elijah Abel
Sat 06/04/202204:00 PM3114UG-02-02Leo Buzalsky14UG-MTV-01Joshua Ford
Sat 06/04/202204:00 PM3314UG-05-01Mary Stubblefield14UG-01-01Zack Hofmann
Sun 06/05/202205:20 PM2914UG-VIN-01Henk Rook14UG-01-01Zack Hofmann
Sun 06/05/202205:20 PM3114UG-MTV-01Joshua Ford14UG-02-01Elijah Abel
Team listed first ('Home Team') wears Jersey colorgreen jersey and Jersey colorgreen socks.
Other team ('Away Team') wears Jersey colorblue jersey and Jersey colorblack socks.