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The schedules on this pages are for the Spring 2021 season. The schedules for the new Fall 2021 season will be published early September.

First games will be on September 11th. The last games will be on November 6th.


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Spring 2021

Team Coach Phone Team Referee
14UG-1-1John Bostwick 319-573-7657
14UG-2-1Ron Smith *319-929-1950
14UG-3-1Joe Lahart *319-899-3175
14UG-5-1Rob Markut 319-431-4779
14UG-ANA-1Jeff Whitson 319-202-1030
14UG-CPU-1Melissa Hamer 319-721-3713
14UG-MTV-1Josh Ford 319-210-7489
14UG-VIN-1Chloe Edwards 319-929-9720
Date Time Field Home Team Coach Away Team Coach
Sat 04/10/202110:00 AM3214UG-3-1Joe Lahart14UG-5-1Rob Markut
Sat 04/10/202102:00 PM3214UG-1-1John Bostwick14UG-MTV-1Josh Ford
Sat 04/10/202104:00 PM2914UG-2-1Ron Smith14UG-CPU-1Melissa Hamer
Sat 04/10/202104:00 PM3114UG-VIN-1Chloe Edwards14UG-5-1Rob Markut
Sat 04/17/202110:00 AM3214UG-CPU-1Melissa Hamer14UG-1-1John Bostwick
Sat 04/17/202112:00 PM2914UG-ANA-1Jeff Whitson14UG-2-1Ron Smith
Sat 04/17/202102:00 PM3114UG-MTV-1Josh Ford14UG-3-1Joe Lahart
Sat 04/17/202102:00 PM3214UG-5-1Rob Markut14UG-VIN-1Chloe Edwards
Sat 05/01/202112:00 PM2914UG-3-1Joe Lahart14UG-1-1John Bostwick
Sat 05/01/202102:00 PM3114UG-2-1Ron Smith14UG-5-1Rob Markut
Sat 05/01/202102:00 PM3214UG-ANA-1Jeff Whitson14UG-CPU-1Melissa Hamer
Mon 05/03/202106:00 PM2914UG-5-1Rob Markut14UG-ANA-1Jeff Whitson
Thu 05/06/202106:00 PM2914UG-MTV-1Josh Ford14UG-2-1Ron Smith
Fri 05/07/202106:00 PM2914UG-CPU-1Melissa Hamer14UG-3-1Joe Lahart
Sat 05/08/202110:00 AM3214UG-2-1Ron Smith14UG-1-1John Bostwick
Sat 05/08/202112:00 PM2914UG-ANA-1Jeff Whitson14UG-MTV-1Josh Ford
Sat 05/08/202102:00 PM3114UG-5-1Rob Markut14UG-CPU-1Melissa Hamer
Sat 05/08/202102:00 PM3214UG-VIN-1Chloe Edwards14UG-3-1Joe Lahart
Mon 05/10/202106:00 PM2914UG-3-1Joe Lahart14UG-2-1Ron Smith
Mon 05/10/202106:00 PM3114UG-1-1John Bostwick14UG-ANA-1Jeff Whitson
Fri 05/14/202106:00 PM2914UG-MTV-1Josh Ford14UG-5-1Rob Markut
Sat 05/15/202110:00 AM3214UG-ANA-1Jeff Whitson14UG-3-1Joe Lahart
Sat 05/15/202112:00 PM2914UG-2-1Ron Smith14UG-VIN-1Chloe Edwards
Sat 05/15/202102:00 PM3114UG-MTV-1Josh Ford14UG-CPU-1Melissa Hamer
Sat 05/15/202102:00 PM3214UG-5-1Rob Markut14UG-1-1John Bostwick
Sat 05/22/202110:00 AM3214UG-CPU-1Melissa Hamer14UG-2-1Ron Smith
Sat 05/22/202112:00 PM2914UG-MTV-1Josh Ford14UG-1-1John Bostwick
Sat 05/22/202102:00 PM3114UG-ANA-1Jeff Whitson14UG-VIN-1Chloe Edwards
Sat 05/22/202104:00 PM2914UG-5-1Rob Markut14UG-3-1Joe Lahart
Thu 06/03/202105:30 PM3114UG-5-1Rob Markut14UG-VIN-1Chloe Edwards
Fri 06/04/2021Bye 14UG-ANA-1Jeff WhitsonByeBye
Fri 06/04/202105:30 PM2914UG-1-1John Bostwick14UG-3-1Joe Lahart
Fri 06/04/202105:30 PM3114UG-MTV-1Josh Ford14UG-2-1Ron Smith
Sat 06/05/202108:00 AM2914UG-3-1Joe Lahart14UG-5-1Rob Markut
Sat 06/05/202112:00 PM2914UG-ANA-1Jeff Whitson14UG-MTV-1Josh Ford
Sat 06/05/202112:00 PM3114UG-VIN-1Chloe Edwards14UG-1-1John Bostwick
Sat 06/05/202101:20 PM3114UG-2-1Ron Smith14UG-5-1Rob Markut
Sat 06/05/202105:20 PM2914UG-1-1John Bostwick14UG-ANA-1Jeff Whitson
Sat 06/05/202105:20 PM3114UG-VIN-1Chloe Edwards14UG-MTV-1Josh Ford
Sat 06/05/202106:40 PM2914UG-2-1Ron Smith14UG-3-1Joe Lahart
Sun 06/06/202105:20 PM2914UG-ANA-1Jeff Whitson14UG-2-1Ron Smith
Sun 06/06/202105:20 PM3114UG-3-1Joe Lahart14UG-1-1John Bostwick
Team listed first ('Home Team') wears Jersey colorgreen jersey and Jersey colorgreen socks.
Other team ('Away Team') wears Jersey colorblue jersey and Jersey colorblack socks.