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Fall 2021

Team Coach Phone Team Referee
15U-1Chad Erickson *319-319-5436
15U-2Kenneth Burnside *319-361-0001
15U-3Sara Nichols 319-423-5104
Date Time Field Home Team Coach Away Team Coach
Sat 09/11/2021Kids ZoneKids Zone

Kids Zone Awareness Day
Sat 09/11/202108:00 AM3315U-3Sara Nichols15U-1Chad Erickson
Sat 09/11/202104:00 PM2915U-3Sara Nichols15U-2Kenneth Burnside
Mon 09/13/202105:45 PM3114UB-2Ron Smith15U-3Sara Nichols
Tue 09/14/202105:45 PM3215U-2Kenneth Burnside15U-1Chad Erickson
Sat 09/25/202110:00 AM3115U-1Chad Erickson15U-2Kenneth Burnside
Sat 09/25/202104:00 PM3315U-1Chad Erickson15U-3Sara Nichols
Mon 09/27/202105:45 PM3115U-2Kenneth Burnside15U-3Sara Nichols
Thu 09/30/202105:45 PM3114UB-1Christa Kolbrak15U-1Chad Erickson
Sat 10/02/202110:00 AM3115U-1Chad Erickson15U-2Kenneth Burnside
Sat 10/02/202102:00 PM3115U-3Sara Nichols15U-2Kenneth Burnside
Sat 10/09/2021Kids ZoneKids Zone

Kids Zone Awareness Day
Sat 10/09/202110:00 AM3115U-3Sara Nichols15U-2Kenneth Burnside
Sat 10/09/202102:00 PM3115U-3Sara Nichols15U-1Chad Erickson
Sat 10/16/202112:00 PM3315U-3Sara Nichols15U-2Kenneth Burnside
Sat 10/16/202102:00 PM3115U-1Chad Erickson14UB-3Ashley Murdock
Sat 10/23/202110:00 AM3115U-2Kenneth Burnside15U-1Chad Erickson
Sat 10/23/202102:00 PM3115U-3Sara Nichols15U-1Chad Erickson
Sat 11/06/202110:00 AM3115U-2Kenneth Burnside15U-1Chad Erickson
Sat 11/06/202102:00 PM3115U-2Kenneth Burnside15U-3Sara Nichols
Team listed first ('Home Team') wears Jersey colorneon-yellow jersey and Jersey colorblack socks.
Other team ('Away Team') wears Jersey colormaroon jersey and Jersey colorblack socks.