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The schedules on this pages are for the Fall 2022 season. The schedules for the new Spring 2023 season will be published early April.

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Fall 2022

Team Coach Phone Team Referee
7UB-1-01Matthew Vrba *630-926-9634
7UB-1-02Justin Mullnix 319-427-3431
7UB-1-03Fred Agyepong 319-213-6568
7UB-1-04Cody Young 319-213-0135
7UB-1-05Marty Albert 319-540-1167
7UB-1-06Jake Lappe 319-470-7990
7UB-1-07Mohamed Ahmed *515-441-2675
7UB-1-08Emily Messer 896-896-8896
7UB-1-09Ashley Reck 319-450-9610
7UB-3-01Timothy C Nash 319-531-6324
7UB-4-01Adam Mohling 319-721-8355
7UB-5-01Kimberly De Bow 319-775-1628
7UB-5-02Austin Shepard *319-310-6234
Date Time Field Home Team Coach Away Team Coach
Sat 09/10/2022Kids ZoneKids Zone

Kids Zone Awareness Day
Sat 09/10/202209:00 AM137UB-3-01Timothy C Nash7UB-1-02Justin Mullnix
Sat 09/10/202210:30 AM97UB-1-04Cody Young7UB-5-01Kimberly De Bow
Sat 09/10/202212:00 PM97UB-5-02Austin Shepard7UB-1-03Fred Agyepong
Sat 09/10/202212:00 PM237UB-4-01Adam Mohling7UB-1-07Mohamed Ahmed
Sat 09/10/202201:30 PM217UB-1-05Marty Albert7UB-1-01Matthew Vrba
Sat 09/10/202203:00 PM97UB-1-09Ashley Reck7UB-1-06Jake Lappe
Sat 09/10/202203:00 PM167UB-1-08Emily Messer7UB-1-02Justin Mullnix
Mon 09/12/202205:30 PM97UB-1-02Justin Mullnix7UB-1-05Marty Albert
Mon 09/12/202205:30 PM217UB-3-01Timothy C Nash7UB-5-02Austin Shepard
Tue 09/13/202205:30 PM97UB-5-01Kimberly De Bow7UB-1-05Marty Albert
Tue 09/13/202205:30 PM217UB-1-07Mohamed Ahmed7UB-1-09Ashley Reck
Thu 09/22/202205:30 PM97UB-1-03Fred Agyepong7UB-4-01Adam Mohling
Fri 09/23/202205:30 PM97UB-1-06Jake Lappe7UB-1-08Emily Messer
Fri 09/23/202205:30 PM217UB-1-01Matthew Vrba7UB-1-04Cody Young
Sat 09/24/202209:00 AM97UB-5-02Austin Shepard7UB-5-01Kimberly De Bow
Sat 09/24/202209:00 AM137UB-1-08Emily Messer7UB-1-01Matthew Vrba
Sat 09/24/202210:30 AM97UB-1-09Ashley Reck7UB-1-03Fred Agyepong
Sat 09/24/202212:00 PM97UB-4-01Adam Mohling7UB-3-01Timothy C Nash
Sat 09/24/202212:00 PM217UB-1-06Jake Lappe7UB-1-07Mohamed Ahmed
Sat 09/24/202201:30 PM217UB-1-04Cody Young7UB-1-02Justin Mullnix
Sat 09/24/202203:00 PM97UB-1-08Emily Messer7UB-1-05Marty Albert
Mon 09/26/202205:30 PM97UB-1-05Marty Albert7UB-1-04Cody Young
Mon 09/26/202205:30 PM217UB-1-01Matthew Vrba7UB-5-02Austin Shepard
Tue 09/27/202205:30 PM97UB-1-07Mohamed Ahmed7UB-1-08Emily Messer
Tue 09/27/202205:30 PM107UB-3-01Timothy C Nash7UB-1-09Ashley Reck
Tue 09/27/202205:30 PM217UB-5-01Kimberly De Bow7UB-4-01Adam Mohling
Thu 09/29/202205:30 PM97UB-1-02Justin Mullnix7UB-5-01Kimberly De Bow
Fri 09/30/202205:30 PM217UB-1-03Fred Agyepong7UB-1-06Jake Lappe
Sat 10/01/202209:00 AM117UB-1-06Jake Lappe7UB-3-01Timothy C Nash
Sat 10/01/202210:30 AM117UB-1-07Mohamed Ahmed7UB-1-03Fred Agyepong
Sat 10/01/202212:00 PM97UB-1-09Ashley Reck7UB-5-01Kimberly De Bow
Sat 10/01/202201:30 PM97UB-1-08Emily Messer7UB-1-04Cody Young
Sat 10/01/202201:30 PM107UB-4-01Adam Mohling7UB-1-01Matthew Vrba
Sat 10/01/202201:30 PM127UB-1-05Marty Albert7UB-3-01Timothy C Nash
Sat 10/01/202203:00 PM97UB-5-02Austin Shepard7UB-1-02Justin Mullnix
Sat 10/08/2022Kids ZoneKids Zone

Kids Zone Awareness Day
Sat 10/08/202209:30 AM107UB-1-01Matthew Vrba7UB-1-09Ashley Reck
Sat 10/08/202209:30 AM127UB-1-03Fred Agyepong7UB-1-04Cody Young
Sat 10/08/202210:30 AM97UB-1-05Marty Albert7UB-5-02Austin Shepard
Sat 10/08/202212:00 PM97UB-5-01Kimberly De Bow7UB-1-06Jake Lappe
Sat 10/08/202212:00 PM217UB-3-01Timothy C Nash7UB-1-07Mohamed Ahmed
Sat 10/08/202201:30 PM217UB-1-03Fred Agyepong7UB-1-08Emily Messer
Sat 10/08/202203:00 PM97UB-1-02Justin Mullnix7UB-4-01Adam Mohling
Sat 10/15/202209:00 AM107UB-1-09Ashley Reck7UB-1-08Emily Messer
Sat 10/15/202212:00 PM217UB-1-03Fred Agyepong7UB-3-01Timothy C Nash
Sat 10/15/202201:30 PM217UB-5-02Austin Shepard7UB-1-04Cody Young
Sat 10/15/202201:30 PM227UB-4-01Adam Mohling7UB-1-05Marty Albert
Sat 10/15/202203:00 PM97UB-1-07Mohamed Ahmed7UB-5-01Kimberly De Bow
Sat 10/15/202203:00 PM147UB-1-06Jake Lappe7UB-1-01Matthew Vrba
Sat 10/15/202203:00 PM167UB-1-09Ashley Reck7UB-1-02Justin Mullnix
Sat 10/22/202208:45 AM117UB-1-01Matthew Vrba7UB-1-07Mohamed Ahmed
Sat 10/22/202212:00 PM97UB-1-02Justin Mullnix7UB-1-06Jake Lappe
Sat 10/22/202212:00 PM217UB-1-05Marty Albert7UB-1-09Ashley Reck
Sat 10/22/202212:00 PM247UB-1-04Cody Young7UB-4-01Adam Mohling
Sat 10/22/202201:30 PM97UB-5-02Austin Shepard7UB-1-07Mohamed Ahmed
Sat 10/22/202201:30 PM217UB-5-01Kimberly De Bow7UB-1-03Fred Agyepong
Sat 10/22/202203:00 PM97UB-3-01Timothy C Nash7UB-1-08Emily Messer
Sat 10/29/202209:00 AM97UB-1-09Ashley Reck7UB-1-04Cody Young
Sat 10/29/202209:00 AM137UB-1-06Jake Lappe7UB-1-05Marty Albert
Sat 10/29/202210:30 AM97UB-1-07Mohamed Ahmed7UB-1-02Justin Mullnix
Sat 10/29/202212:00 PM97UB-1-08Emily Messer7UB-5-02Austin Shepard
Sat 10/29/202212:00 PM217UB-3-01Timothy C Nash7UB-5-01Kimberly De Bow
Sat 10/29/202201:30 PM217UB-1-06Jake Lappe7UB-4-01Adam Mohling
Sat 10/29/202203:00 PM97UB-1-03Fred Agyepong7UB-1-01Matthew Vrba
Team listed first ('Home Team') wears Jersey colorgreen jersey and Jersey colorgreen socks.
Other team ('Away Team') wears Jersey colorblue jersey and Jersey colorblack socks.