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Photo schedule has been posted!

Check the Photo Schedule page for the overall photo schedule, or go to your team's game schedule to see on what date, at what time and with which photographer your team is scheduled for photos. Photos will be taken just south of fields 22 & 24 at Tuma September 23 and 30.


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Fall 2023

Team Coach Phone Team Referee
8UG-01Jessica Rich 319-560-9270
8UG-02Kevin Lukan 319-270-2780
8UG-03Edith Dixon 703-517-3636
8UG-04Dale Maxedon 319-310-7710
8UG-05John Connelly 319-431-0083
8UG-06John Gibson 319-213-6388
8UG-07Khaled Alyassiri 319-412-5017
8UG-08Craig Yarker 319-538-4706
8UG-09Kim Kopetzky 319-560-1928
8UG-10Tara Kline 712-898-5166
8UG-11Melissa Robinson *563-929-6566
Date Time Field Home Team Coach Away Team Coach
Sat 09/09/2023Kids ZoneKids Zone

Kids Zone Awareness Day
Sat 09/09/202309:00 AM118UG-11Melissa Robinson8UG-07Khaled Alyassiri
Sat 09/09/202310:30 AM118UG-01Jessica Rich8UG-08Craig Yarker
Sat 09/09/202310:30 AM148UG-05John Connelly8UG-10Tara Kline
Sat 09/09/202312:00 PM118UG-02Kevin Lukan8UG-03Edith Dixon
Sat 09/09/202301:30 PM248UG-06John Gibson8UG-09Kim Kopetzky
Sat 09/09/202303:00 PM158UG-04Dale Maxedon8UG-07Khaled Alyassiri
Mon 09/11/202305:30 PM118UG-03Edith Dixon8UG-11Melissa Robinson
Mon 09/11/202305:30 PM148UG-10Tara Kline8UG-04Dale Maxedon
Tue 09/12/202305:30 PM148UG-09Kim Kopetzky8UG-01Jessica Rich
Thu 09/21/202305:30 PM118UG-10Tara Kline8UG-06John Gibson
Thu 09/21/202305:30 PM138UG-07Khaled Alyassiri8UG-05John Connelly
Sat 09/23/202309:00 AM138UG-06John Gibson8UG-05John Connelly
Sat 09/23/202312:00 PM118UG-11Melissa Robinson8UG-08Craig Yarker
Sat 09/23/202312:00 PM158UG-02Kevin Lukan8UG-01Jessica Rich
Sat 09/23/202301:30 PM118UG-10Tara Kline8UG-09Kim Kopetzky
Sat 09/23/202301:30 PM238UG-04Dale Maxedon8UG-03Edith Dixon
Sat 09/23/202303:00 PM158UG-06John Gibson8UG-07Khaled Alyassiri
Mon 09/25/202305:30 PM118UG-09Kim Kopetzky8UG-02Kevin Lukan
Mon 09/25/202305:30 PM148UG-08Craig Yarker8UG-04Dale Maxedon
Tue 09/26/202305:30 PM118UG-01Jessica Rich8UG-11Melissa Robinson
Tue 09/26/202305:30 PM148UG-03Edith Dixon8UG-05John Connelly
Thu 09/28/202305:30 PM118UG-07Khaled Alyassiri8UG-10Tara Kline
Fri 09/29/202305:30 PM118UG-04Dale Maxedon8UG-06John Gibson
Sat 09/30/202309:00 AM148UG-11Melissa Robinson8UG-10Tara Kline
Sat 09/30/202310:30 AM118UG-07Khaled Alyassiri8UG-09Kim Kopetzky
Sat 09/30/202312:00 PM118UG-04Dale Maxedon8UG-01Jessica Rich
Sat 09/30/202301:30 PM118UG-06John Gibson8UG-03Edith Dixon
Sat 09/30/202301:30 PM218UG-05John Connelly8UG-08Craig Yarker
Sat 09/30/202303:00 PM118UG-11Melissa Robinson8UG-02Kevin Lukan
Fri 10/06/202305:30 PM118UG-08Craig Yarker8UG-02Kevin Lukan
Sat 10/07/2023Kids ZoneKids Zone

Kids Zone Awareness Day
Sat 10/07/202309:00 AM118UG-02Kevin Lukan8UG-04Dale Maxedon
Sat 10/07/202309:00 AM148UG-08Craig Yarker8UG-06John Gibson
Sat 10/07/202310:30 AM118UG-03Edith Dixon8UG-10Tara Kline
Sat 10/07/202310:30 AM148UG-01Jessica Rich8UG-05John Connelly
Sat 10/07/202312:00 PM118UG-09Kim Kopetzky8UG-11Melissa Robinson
Sat 10/07/202303:00 PM168UG-02Kevin Lukan8UG-07Khaled Alyassiri
Sat 10/14/202309:00 AM118UG-04Dale Maxedon8UG-11Melissa Robinson
Sat 10/14/202309:00 AM138UG-09Kim Kopetzky8UG-08Craig Yarker
Sat 10/14/202310:30 AM98UG-07Khaled Alyassiri8UG-03Edith Dixon
Sat 10/14/202310:30 AM148UG-05John Connelly8UG-02Kevin Lukan
Sat 10/14/202301:30 PM118UG-06John Gibson8UG-01Jessica Rich
Sat 10/14/202303:00 PM158UG-10Tara Kline8UG-08Craig Yarker
Sat 10/21/202309:00 AM118UG-02Kevin Lukan8UG-06John Gibson
Sat 10/21/202309:00 AM148UG-01Jessica Rich8UG-10Tara Kline
Sat 10/21/202310:30 AM148UG-09Kim Kopetzky8UG-04Dale Maxedon
Sat 10/21/202301:30 PM218UG-08Craig Yarker8UG-07Khaled Alyassiri
Sat 10/21/202301:45 PM118UG-11Melissa Robinson8UG-05John Connelly
Sat 10/21/202303:00 PM168UG-01Jessica Rich8UG-03Edith Dixon
Sat 10/28/202309:00 AM118UG-09Kim Kopetzky8UG-03Edith Dixon
Sat 10/28/202309:00 AM148UG-05John Connelly8UG-08Craig Yarker
Sat 10/28/202310:30 AM118UG-06John Gibson8UG-11Melissa Robinson
Sat 10/28/202310:30 AM148UG-10Tara Kline8UG-02Kevin Lukan
Sat 10/28/202301:30 PM108UG-07Khaled Alyassiri8UG-01Jessica Rich
Sat 10/28/202303:00 PM158UG-05John Connelly8UG-04Dale Maxedon
Sat 11/04/202309:00 AM148UG-05John Connelly8UG-09Kim Kopetzky
Sat 11/04/202310:30 AM98UG-02Kevin Lukan8UG-07Khaled Alyassiri
Sat 11/04/202310:30 AM118UG-04Dale Maxedon8UG-06John Gibson
Sat 11/04/202310:30 AM148UG-08Craig Yarker8UG-03Edith Dixon
Sat 11/04/202301:45 PM98UG-11Melissa Robinson8UG-10Tara Kline
Sat 11/04/202303:00 PM138UG-01Jessica Rich8UG-09Kim Kopetzky
Team listed first ('Home Team') wears Jersey colorgreen jersey and Jersey colorgreen socks.
Other team ('Away Team') wears Jersey colorblue jersey and Jersey colorblack socks.